Josh Sauchak – Why he’s so important to me.

This is my first post, I have moved it from the original location but you can still find it here.

Today I bawled my eyes out, not out of sadness but out of happiness because I finally got to explain to someone what Josh means to Autistic and Aspergers people and I realised during that explanation that he’s my favourite character. Not just in Watch Dogs but in the whole of existence.

Now I feel a little weird writing this because I’ve never felt this way with a character before and if you read this and start to get a little confused please bare with me.

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Autism Awareness: the puzzle piece and autism $peaks


The puzzle piece of my tattoo.

During April people preach their false or misguided support for Autism/Aspergers awareness, however, when you wear blue and wave puzzle piece flags around screaming about awareness with the hashtag #LightItUpBlue, you are damaging our cause by supporting an organisation that preys upon the ‘struggles’ of ‘autism parents’. I say ‘struggles’ not to remove the severity of it but to pull attention to where it really matters; the person on the spectrum.
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Aspergers: the link to suicide and depression.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have brought up how suicide rates have been rising drastically amongst those on the Aspergers spectrum.

I will place a warning here to anybody who is sensitive to these kinds of topics. This is a dark post that will contain ‘triggers’ (they have been tagged).

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Josh changed my life: Watch_Dogs 2, still important.

With today being the one year anniversary of Watch_Dogs 2, I felt it only right to make a post about everything that has happened since the release of the game until now and how I feel about these things, as well as Josh. This post will be rather long, so I do apologise for that, I simply have a lot to get out.

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The Watch_Dogs GIF – How I did it.

This post isn’t about my Aspergers in any usual way. More of a thank you to Ubisoft again, they give us so much of their time, so I spent the last five days working on the GIF pixel by pixel, in a loving way of giving them my time. In a way, it does tie in with my previous Watch_Dogs posts but it is also based on recent events. It also ties in with Aspergers in a more subtle way.


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“I can’t do this alone.”

I must give a warning to this post that what you will read ahead won’t follow the same theme my previous posts do. This is about self-hatred, sadness, loneliness and pain, all because I am on the spectrum. This post might be long, I’m sorry.

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Conventions and cosplay: easy, right?

This post is about my experiences with conventions and cosplays based on past events.

Back in July I finally got to do my first cosplay after years of wanting to do one but never having the confidence, time or money. I have been to conventions before, small ones near where I live and adored doing them. From conventions based on specific things (like The Warriors convention) or a general mix of games, anime, movies, comics and shows. These conventions have always been rather small though, with the largest one I had been in Bristol in 2016 until recently at Montreal Comic Con 2017. Continue reading “Conventions and cosplay: easy, right?”

Struggling with acceptance.

A lot of my posts have been rather positive in the underlying message or they have been directly positive. Sharing how I have accepted myself a little more thanks to Ubisoft and Jonathan Dubsky for the creation and portrayal of Josh Sauchak in Watch Dogs 2. I mentioned how much Josh means to me and how grateful I was. That post received a lot of positivity, hopefully, this one will receive the same amount of attention as it is important, yet sadly, a little negative in comparison.

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